v0.9.2 - bugfix (Win7 only)

Fixed broken installer on Windows 7. The installer now allows for installation within e.g. c:\Program Files\...

v0.9.1 - bugfixes

Going from a property file to xml seems to have introduced a couple of bugs. When settings.xml doesn't exist it will be created but the new file is not a valid xml file. Also, if settings.xml doesn't contain both system, menus, and monitors elements a npe will be thrown. Proxy settings aren't loaded in 0.9, which have been fixed.

When a new version is available there will be a menu item with a direct link to the new (/latest) version.

v0.9 - xml settings

When the a monitor sendes a ping to a system that doesn't reply at all the response code is -1 and the resulting value is -xxxxxxxx (some arbitrary int value). This has been removed from the log file, as this is consider noise.

The configuration is now placed in xml rather than the property file. Therefore, if you have installed an earlier version you must convert the property file to the xml format (and file name). Have a look at the configuration page. Version 0.9 maps the properties more or less 1-1 to xml, so it should be quite easy. If you have any questions or problems, catch me on twitter.

v0.8.1 - bugfix

Fixed a bug regarding different parameters on monitors. E.g. different threshold on monitors and different proxy settings gave strange behavior.

v0.8 - installer and much more

Added a installer for the jar - tested under Linux and Windows. I also added a threshold parameter for a monitor, and if the reply time is to large the tray icon will change color to red. Grab the installer (which also contains the source) and read about the parameters in configuration. See the changelog for all changes.

v0.7.2 - proxy - take #2

Adding proxy settings is one thing, forgetting to add proxy settings to the monitors is another thing thus 0.7.2. Grab the tarball/jar file and read about the parameters in configuration.

v0.7.1 - proxy anyone?

What is the point in adding online check for new updates if your behind a proxy? So I added two new parameters for proxy settings. See configuration for more information.

v0.7 - online check for update

Woaaah! Why stop when your having fun? Just added an online check for updates! Go grab the new tarball or jar.

The settings dir moved from .systray to .traymonitor - you should move your configuration file to this dir.

v0.6 - live reload

I hardly finished uploading the initial release and new features have been added. Or should I say a new feature. Live reload (that being able to reload configuration on the fly) have been added. Also removed some old todos...

v0.5 - initial release

Initial release - not much to say. Working flawless, but new features may come, so come back! :)

TrayMonitor source is released under GPL2. The source can be found here: traymonitor-0.5.tar
A compiled version (jar-file) can be found here: traymonitor-0.5.jar

It's written in Java and requires:
To run the jar-file simple type:
java -jar traymonitor-0.5.jar